Carol Miles@ 3:54pm 06-25-2014
Love truly Love Melvin and Leslie Wilson! So Amazing what you do with music! You guys are Legends above all! You make me very hap!py!
Jackie Peoples@ 2:34am 04-01-2014
Love you guys my 2 favorite songs I Can Understand It and Wild Flower when i hear them brings back so many good memories. Please keep it coming New Birth for Life show these youngings about singing.
Jose Monzon@ 4:22am 02-21-2014
Loved you at the 70's Soul Jam Valentine's Concert at the Beacon Theatre in NYC! I'm a big fan of your music, and since it was from before I was born, I really appreciate you doing it live at the Soul Jam - it made the music come alive for me. Wow, what a time the 70s must've been to produce such beautiful music. You guys performed all of the hits I like, especially my favorite - Dream Merchant. Your voice and energy were awesome! Please come back to NYC soon.
Sam Jones@ 7:56pm 02-15-2014
Worked with you one time Leslie. James Baker was alive at that time. Your wife's name was Barbara. Baker & myself did Sexy Dancer by Prince. Thanks for the vocals! Sam Jones
Waii@ 10:43pm 09-26-2013
I love your music even though you started before I was born. Once I heard Wild Flower, I fell in love with New Birth. I want Leslie to sing that song to me, if you come to Georgia let me know. Keep making real music, we love it.
ERIC NORRIS@ 8:17am 09-11-2013
otis spurlock@ 7:36pm 08-14-2013
call Otis spurlock about doing a show in baton rouge Louisiana end of the year (225)938-3147
Malcom Jackson@ 8:21pm 06-23-2013
I can't stop listening to "Mr. Dream Merchant". Leslie, you are the bomb brother. Where is the new album?
Linda White@ 5:06pm 04-28-2013
Hi Melvin Leslie Wilson, I know you realize your music has touched so many bringing lots of joy! But did you know that you have such a unique style that you bring to music! I just wanna say take a bow for being one of kind! Love Ya So Much!
me@ 2:22am 04-03-2013
your group is the bomb- If only we had good music today like yours! May God Bless you and your families. Your voices are amazing. I especially love I can understand it- I love to hear you saang that song! I didn't grow up in that era but that songs speaks volumes- I LOVE IT
Deborah Boyd@ 11:30am 01-29-2013
Hello Leslie and Melvin,

Your music has been in my life for a long time. I am so grateful that I found this site. Two of my brothers played in bands in our community for years and your music was the bomb they played. My brothers played the Sax and Drums. I am going to go out and get this CD. I wish they put you on UNSUNG!! Your voices have gone underrated. I want you back! Please keep it coming! A fan til the day I die!! Loving you!
Robie Woods@ 11:26am 11-28-2012
Leslie are you taken, I feel in love with you when I say the I can Understand It video. FINE!!!
Sharon Evans@ 7:55pm 10-19-2012
Hi Leslie & Melvin!

I'm sooooo happy to have found this site and hear that you are still performing! Your music is simply incredible. There's no other band that can top the sounds of New Birth! I've been a huge fan of yours since the 70's and my daughter enjoys your music as well. I have the Best of New Birth CD and one of my favorite NB songs is"The Pains of Love". Who wrote the lyrics?!!!It blows me away everytime I listen to it.. Leslie, you sang that song brother! Your music is timeless and thanks to Youtube, I was able to see your performance on Soul Thirteen which was amazing. I read the history of your group and was truly impressed with the wonderful talents merging together to form the baddest band of all time! "It's been such a long time..since I saw you, tell me, how long has it beeeen" Please come to DC soon!

Peace and Blessings,
Sharon-Your Number 1 Fan
Linda Mason@ 2:07pm 10-12-2012
Hi Leslie & Melvin,

It's been a minute since you've been in Washington, DC. I hope and pray all is well with you. So, when you be heading back to Washington, DC (Chocolate City). I saw you at the Carter Barron a couple of summers ago, and you were fantastic, wouldn't expect any thing less from New Birth! NB fan for life!!!!!!!
janine hilton jones@ 4:25pm 10-03-2012
We need a concert in New York asap.... we love you Melvin and Leslie. The Nikon Theater in Westbury, Long Island would be perfect and you would sell it out every night.. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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