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Janet@ 1:45pm 10-24-2010
Wow, so happy I found you guys on the internet...Would love to see you perform in New york...You guys look young and awsome. Just keep on doin whatever you're doin...and GOD bless.
ali@ 9:59pm 10-09-2010
When are you guys coming back home to Detroit? I was blessed to hear Leslie sing at church once. Wildflower and Dream Merchant are my favorite songs, followed by Until Its Time For You to Go. I checked out the You Tube video of the late great Ollie Woodson and Leslie singing and it just blew me away! Come back to the "D" and do a concert!
veronica@ 12:32am 09-27-2010
just want to thank you for showing up in phoenix and showing out. man i had been wantin to see you all in concert for a long time ,and it was a great show. man you guys took us back and we love you come back to phoenix soon be blessed.
DeMaurio wilson@ 1:37am 09-26-2010
what was the name of your album when leslie song with L.t.d. ?
Angela Cunningham@ 10:01pm 09-20-2010
What ever happened to 'Vernon Bullock'..? I saw his picture on one of your album covers and was blown away by the fact that he is a dead ringer for one of my old boyfriends...Thelbert (Jerre) Bullock. Jerre and I were together sometime in 1993/94. They've got to be related.
Michelle R. Rice@ 8:26pm 08-28-2010
I forgot to mention: Can I say it? Can I say now ya'll?
Can I saaaaaaaaaaay it?
I thank Jehovah God for giving Melvin and Leslie such great talent.
Michelle R. Rice@ 8:17pm 08-28-2010
I am too happy to leave this message. Many years ago New Birth came to the ATL. @ this club called: The Atrium in Stone Mountain. That show was "thee best" show that I've gone to since I've been in the state of GA. I've been to many. (I am a native NY'er) We stayed for the 2nd show. My friends and I were oooooh so pleased. That show comes with a story (a lol one) We made our own table in the front row. It started out with a table and 2 chairs. We found us 2 more chairs and placed everything up front and center. I was with fun friends.
Man what a show!!!!!!!!!!! Sounded just like the record- back in the day. Leslie how do you do it? Melvin was doing his thing. "The band was tight" "The girls were chisled". I still thank the D.J. Mitch Master Mitch for bringing New Birth to town. I've already mailed 2 friends in Los Angeles (also native NY'er's) to tell them that New Birth is coming to LA on Sept. 25th.

Now, the question is: When are you all coming back?
I'm going to round up all my friends and bring them to the show - or at least pass the word - New Birth Is In Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loretta Kendrick@ 11:31pm 08-26-2010
Hi Guys. Been such a long time. I really miss you all. Leslie, everytime I have my birthday (April 18th) I think about how we had BD partys together. And Melvin, I think about your crazy self all the time. And your wife and those pretty babies you had with you at the AL Green concert in LA. Anyway, hit me back. My husband and I recently booked the Four Tops here in my new home town in NC, and I'd like to talk to you.
Falecia@ 10:44pm 07-30-2010
Love New Birth. The sound of New Birth is legendary. Everyone in the black community knows about New Birth for sure. I grew up to this music and I am so glad that you guys are still around. Can you guys shed some light on whatever happened to Londee (Lottie M.) Wiggins? She had such a distinctive voice that was perfect for that 70's sound and I can't believe there's absolutely no information such as a bio for her on the internet. I mean is she still alive, did she have a family after the band split, did she continue perform, etc. What is she up to?
G. Lynn Carter@ 12:42pm 07-24-2010
New Birth I love you!!!! Your music totally changed my life. " I can understand it" changed me forever! The richness and depth of your sound truly touches my heart. I cannot express enough how important it is to keep great music alive! Leslie and Melvin...may The Lord continue to bless you, and give you the grace to continue to warm our hearts.
There's nothing I can really say that would express my gratitude to New Birth. I love you guys! I'm in New Orleans, and I wish I could see you guys live!
God Bless!!!!!!
Miss Tash@ 5:19pm 07-08-2010
All I know is...New Birth is one of the GREATEST groups in creation. That, to me, has never gotten the recognition that they so rightly deserve. I'm sayin, Melvin Wilson, writing and producing. The incomparable Leslie Wilson riding the music wave with his vocal raft. And, I said and, Ms. Londee Wiggins with a voice that could probably shatter glass. Not to mention one of the tightest bands known to man. This group was an ensemble, definitely. One that no true music lover could ever forget. Mel & Les, your music is TIMELESS!!! Whenever you guys come to Charlotte, N.C please let me know. I LOVE NEW BIRTH, ALWAYS!!!
Deborah Johnson@ 11:08am 06-14-2010
Hey Fellas! Just saw your performance at The Greek Theater and what a performance it was. It was simply wonderful seeing and hearing you perform all those classics. I was in 7th Heaven and was singing right along with you. It was quite a joy. God's blessings to you always. Keep sharing your amazing talent with the world.
Dawn Millwood@ 8:50am 06-02-2010
I know that I am by far New Birth's biggest fan. I've got your music in my car right now. I love you guys, I loved your sound and am looking forward to you coming to New York........
Benjamin Scott@ 12:51pm 04-28-2010
Greetings to the dynamic New Birth. I have a question. Didn't you guys record in the late 60s, early 70s a song entitled "Where Have All The Flowers Gone". If so, what album would that song be on. I was around 10 -12 years old when I first heard it and loved it. However, I have tried googling it, to no avail. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless and I love the New Birth sound, totally totally awesome!
Patience@ 11:39pm 04-23-2010
COLOR=#990099]Long live The New Birth I was born in Louisville anybody growing up in the 70's new who and your parents either lived or went to school with one of the members.LOL My favorite is Dream Merchant I could sing every word when i was five. My parents had just bought the record "Blind Baby" home. I love all your music and I still keep at least 3 on my ipod. Thank you for my living room dance memories..

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