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La'Tina Doughty@ 8:21am 08-09-2011
I'm only 35 years old, and have loved your music when I first heard it on the radio in the early 90s. And for many years, I've been attending the Hampton Jazz Festival in Hampton, Virginia. Many of your fans including myself, would love to see you'll perform at the 2012 Hampton Jazz Festival.
Loretta@ 6:48pm 08-06-2011
My favoirte video is "Wildflower" when you were singing it on Soul Train. In my family your music has extended 4 generations. I too would like to say thank you, and I agree with Sherri, for your music is a time-less treasure.
Patricia @ 4:15am 06-02-2011
Glad to know you guys are still doing your what made us all so very happy and still today. I've enjoyed your music for years...thank you for giving me such great music over the years. It's a must that we that can support our legends for that's what you all are to me. Take care and keep bringing that music!!

We would love to interview New Birth!
Sherri@ 10:04pm 05-13-2011
Enjoyed seeing you guys Mother's Day. Your music is timeless!
Loretta Kendrick@ 6:00pm 03-15-2011
Hi Guys. I just moved back to LA and I'd love to get a gang of us "Ole school" fans together and come where ever you all are appearing. Hey Leslie, April 18th (our Birthday) is getting close and it's time to celebrate. I'd love to see you two again. Hit me back soon!
Jesse Taylor@ 5:41pm 03-10-2011
whats up guys ,just want yall to know that you guys are the a singer myself and have really learned from listening to legends like you guys, you can check some of my songs out here Also,it would be a dream come true to work with you guys,let me know if theres anyway that could happen,im currently working on a project featuring members of Dru Hill,Eminem's group D12 and some friends from Wu-tang,im in talks with Wu-Tang management now to maybe get with from Portsmouth Va been singing and recording for a good while.....thanks for your time and really hope to hear back from you,u guys are the best!! Jesse
Dana P.@ 6:20pm 03-05-2011
I was talking about you Brother's and I googled you. Ok what was the name of the Album that had the egg on it? I know I have your album's I will have to go to my storage and pull them out. You Brothers are wonderful!
Tonya Glover@ 7:42am 02-14-2011
I was listening to the radio when I heard about the 70's Soul Jam. As they named the groups I was excited but indecisive until they said NEW BIRTH!!! That was it! I had to go! I LOVE all of the other groups but I went to that concert just because of NEW BIRTH. The song that I wanted to hear more than anything in the world was DREAM MERCHANT. You guys were AMAZING, but why didn't you sing the entire song? Dream Merchant is one of the best songs ever!!! I was so disappointed when you didn't sing the entire song. But other than that you were FABULOUS!!!
Lala@ 5:53am 02-09-2011
Hey guys! You have fans that would like to see you in concert. Are you still touring?
shirron@ 7:54pm 01-31-2011
Was Lamont Patterson ever a member of your group. If so. When?
Judy Wieder@ 4:37pm 01-30-2011
Hello, everyone,
My name is Judy Wieder. I wrote the lyrics to most of the songs on New Birth's album, The Mighty Army. I cannot remember who sang lead on "How Will I Live?" Sorry!!
Please be so kind as to refresh my tired memory.
All my best to you. And why aren't you trying to see The Mighty Army on your site? I know that those times weren't the easiest for the band, but some of the work was still excellent (like "How Will I Live?" and "Deeper".
Lots of respect,
Judy Wieder
Angie B.@ 12:32pm 01-26-2011
I've been a fan of your music as long as I can remember. My mom & dad would play your records over and over and over! I am now 34 and still listen your music (I guess they stuck with me) my children even sing along when I'm playing them: ) Hope to see you guys next time you come back to Chicago/Milwaukee area.
Al hagood@ 2:22pm 01-11-2011
Why do you never come to arkansas? My brothers turned me on to you guys when I was in high school in 75. I have never had a chance to see you all. I taught myself the bass and did a couple Cds and Europe tours but hearing yall as a teen shaped my musical taste for life. I am a 53 year old black guy who plays in rock bands and listens to jazz mostly but you all were the foundation of my musical awareness. The tours were with a Southern Rock group called Liquid Groove Mojo
Carl McDaniel@ 2:01am 11-06-2010
Hey Guys!! I had the pleasure of being one of the guitarist for the band, I will never forget my time with New Birth, as I hope you'll never forget me, we had some great times, on the road, in the studio, off the road, and just being friends. Leslie! do you remember when you and I had homes in Simi Vally, we live kind of far from each other, but we were the only two from the band living way out there!!

Check my site out drop me a line to say hello! it would be great to hear from you. All the success in the world to you both, One Love from your guitarist! Carl.. A K A Butch
VIVIAN DOZIER@ 12:22pm 11-01-2010
I have been a fan of you guys since I was a kid and didn't even know what it was you all were singing about! As the youngest of 7 kids, I grew up listening to your beautiful music. As I got older I was able to deeply appreciate the God given talent you were blessed with! I just had to let you know that. I Love ya'll! Vivian

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