Giuseppe Albumini@ 6:12am 03-06-2017
I thinks you will be liking my special Ohio Players remix covers. They was always very sexy nice but my remix makes even more modern to be.

Apology for my bad English.

waleed@ 1:10pm 10-07-2016
Love you guys my 2 favorite songs I Can Understand It and Wild Flower when i hear them brings back so many good memories. Please keep it coming New Birth for Life show these youngings about singing.
تفسير حلم البكاء
DJ Prone@ 9:16am 06-11-2016
I 1st heard of you in the mid 80s when most kids my age were listening to Duran Duran and other trash over here in the United Kingdom. Thats when I stumbled across my first Niteliters LP (still one of my favourite Funk Bands) and I was hooked which is what got me into New Birth. Your version of 'I can understand it' has always blown me away.. its better than the original. I take it you were also involved with the Gordons War OST with Harvey Fuqua as Badder than Evil (its sounds like you guys) Realy glad to see you are still making music. I am very sorry to learn of Nates passing, I will be dedicating my radio show tomorrow to some of your music.Big love from the UK.
Erika@ 6:09am 06-06-2016
Love "In my lifetime" ...Have most of the original albums.. waiting to see you live one time.
Gladys McCray@ 6:20pm 06-01-2016
Hi Leslie, I wanted to know what age were you when you made Wildflower . I would also like to know how can we get you to come to Mobile Al?
Yvonne "Bunny" Hunt@ 3:11pm 05-16-2016
Leslie: Holler at me (213) 948-9504. Bunny.
Reggie Moses@ 4:27am 04-07-2016
I saw New Birth in 1975 at The Civic Center in Baltimore, MD. You were opening for The Ohio Players.
This is when The Ohio Players were at they're peak. You guys came out & completely destroyed the place. Your performance was stellar & your stage gear was out of this world. Needless to say when The Ohio Players came out. they were not able to complete they're set of music. I think they might of got through 3 songs & left the stage. They were THAT bad. It's shameful because I went to the show to see The Ohio Players...I WAS A HUGE FAN. The audience hated them, they DID NOT play well & they were having "technical" problems. Long story short: New Birth blew The Ohio Player off the stage. I'll never forget that show as long as I live.......
Sherita@ 10:47pm 04-05-2016
I Love you guys so much. Please sing wildflower at the Gem benefit concert located at the Redondo Performance Arts Center on 4/8/2016. I cant wait to see you guys perform, (although I wasn't even born when the song came out) I love that song. I'm so excited to see New Birth in concert. Blessings!
Sharon@ 10:47am 01-03-2016
When are you coming to Los Angeles? I love New Birth so much! My favorites are "It's Been A Long Time" and "Wildflower". LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
Dona@ 6:31pm 10-08-2015
Any tours coming in the Phila area in the near future?
BRITTANY G.@ 11:17am 09-13-2015
Sharon@ 7:11am 12-30-2014
Love the songs you have giving us over the years. I have 2 questions. 1. why have BET not award this group over the years? Houston TX
Thanks love always: whistle:
joseph mickens@ 12:19pm 11-18-2014
Great memories of seeing you guys at the Apollo in NY when I was a kid. I hope i can jam with you guys one day. Joseph Mickens-Springfield, Ma./Facebook.
gwen mcmullen@ 5:28pm 10-30-2014
This message is for Melvin. We met at Landover Mall a long time ago. Sandy was your friend. She sent us to the Chinese restaurant and you introduced me to that wonderful drink the "suffering bastard" and you got sick. "smile". You are coming to my area in a week. Would love to see you to say hello. Please e-mail me. Thanks. Gwen
Shaadia Moore@ 7:12pm 07-27-2014
I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! I was first introduced to it a little over ten years ago when I was about 14yrs old. I love it so much that I have decided in my last and final class before graduating college entitled the History of Rock and Roll, I am featuring you guys as one-third of my final project!!!! Thanks so much for the joy you bring and continue to give through your music.

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